Wednesday 6 May 2015

The Return of Drabble Wednesday

After being preempted by National Poetry Month in April, Drabble Wednesday is back! And I've dug into the vault for four humorous stories- two strange ghost tales, and two adventures of Oscar the private detective fairy.  Enjoy.


Welcome to Ghostsville.
Just in time for Halloween, this real life haunted theme park opens to the public.
For the first time in recorded history, actual spirits have been captured and are now housed for your amusement.
Come and thrill at the wonder of the ghost of Anne Boleyn.  She gives new meaning to the phrase “talking head”!  Shake in fright as the spectre of Lizzie Borden tells what really happened to her parents!
We have phantoms for all ages, for great family chills or dark terror for those horror fans!
Ghostsville, where everyone is dying to be.

Take the Deal

I stood in my new home, smiling and passing out cookies to the neighbours. Thanks to Itty-Bitty Realtors I owned a pale pink painted house overlooking the bay. I didn’t care that the house looked strange, tall and upright, with a door overhang resembling a duck bill, or that it came with an unexpected feature, namely the ghost of the former owner. Ralph was nice actually, and helpful; he’s the one that baked the cookies. His presence also knocked the price down by half and this place sure beats living in a double-wide trailer in the middle of a swamp.


“It is I, Orville the Enchanted Hamster!”
I looked up from my beer to see a furry rodent wearing an odd hat standing on the table. “Good for you. I’m Oscar the Fairy. We’re introduced, now buzz off.”
“So rude my friend. Do not be that way. Not when I am here to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime. For only $49.95 you can have a front row seat to the greatest –”
I twitched in my seat, as the annoying hamster disappeared into the maw of Felix the Enchanted Cat. “I love a good sales rodent,” he purred.

It’s No Joke

A priest, a rabbi and a lady snake charmer walk into a bar. Sounds like the first line to bad joke, but there was nothing funny about this trio. And they were looking for me, with a vengeance.
Who am I? I’m Oscar, supernatural fairy by nature and private investigator by trade, and I made one heck of a mess for those three. Didn't mean to, a spell went awry and they got caught in the crossfire. And accidentally doing a mind-switch between a priest, a rabbi and a lady snake charmer can cause some problems, let me tell you.

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