Sunday, 29 November 2015

Welcome Christmas Lites V!

For a couple of years now, I've been lucky enough to be an annual contributor to the fabulous Christmas Lites charity anthologies and I'm happy to say that I'm participating again this year.
And now the book is here!

So with no further ado, I present...

Christmas Lites V

Tis the season to celebrate, to love, to dream, to hope. Unfortunately, many people have lost almost everything they have – including hope in this most festive and beautiful of times. Across the globe, authors, illustrators, and artists of all sorts have come together in the anthology you now hold in your hands with one goal in mind. To give hope. To spread love. To give people a chance to dream again.

Christmas Lites V is a special anthology. Every dime raised goes directly to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). Not a single person who worked on this book or donated their time and their art form to it receives anything from it, other than the knowledge that he/she is making a difference in those affected by domestic violence.

Inside these pages are stories of all genres—Romance, fantasy, horror, action, children’s stories, stories written BY children. Please, dive inside, read, laugh, and spread the love and joy.

The book is available at:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada


Stories and authors included in this anthology are:

A Tale of Two Urchins by A. F. Stewart
Accidentally Courted by Tricia Kristufek 
Undead Christmas by D.T. Dyllin 
Christmas in July by William Gent 
Riley’s Christmas by Ottilie Weber 
Mini-Folder by S.L. Garrett 
Santa’s Unexpected Helper by JB Lynn 
A Christmas Tail by JG Faherty 
The Krampus Tree by Douglas Wynne 
Homicide by Phil Cantrill 
Love of a Lifetime by Angela Yuriko Smith 
Christmas under the Canopy by Amy Eye 
Daniel’s Gift by Monica La Porta 
Devour by Tiffany by Michelle Brown 
The Gift by J. A. Clement 
Mrs. Knight’s Honeymoon by Vered Ehsani 
Baby Jesus by Rachel Reese 
The Masquerade by Frank W. Smith 
Keeping Christmas by Alana Lorens 
The Den by S. Patrick Pothier 
Ulysses II by Dani J Caile 
A Monster Miracle by Brandon Eye 
Blinky Goes Home by Annabelle Kristufek 

A great line up, right? My story in the book, A Tale of Two Urchins, is a bit of a fanciful fairy tale about two orphans, Santa, and Krampus. I think of it as a mix of Dickens and Hansel and Gretel, tied together with a ribbon of dark humour and a touch of whimsy. (You can also find my stories in Christmas Lites III and IV and proceeds from every book in the series go to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.)

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