Friday, 5 February 2016

Book Spotlight: Beauty of The Beast

Today I bring you a book spotlight on the vampire horror novel, Beauty of The Beast, by acclaimed author Sanja Petriska, writing under the pen name Viktoria Faust. Enjoy...

Beauty of The Beast by Viktoria Faust 

Viktoria, a young and not particularly talented painter, comes across war vampires in the middle of war torn Croatia in 1992. She becomes obsessed with them, but socializing with vampires is dangerous. One of them attacks her and infects her with what she believes is AIDS. To save herself she leaves with Damian, the oldest of the vampires, on an adventure that will prolong her life forever … or end it.

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Author Bio:

Viktoria Faust is pen name for Croatian horror/SF/children's fantasy writer Sanja Petriska. Award winning author of 30 something books. Beauty of The Beast is her first novel published in English.

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