Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Myth-ellaneous

Welcome back to Drabble Wednesday! This week we explore the dark depths of myth with Vikings, doomed cities, and reincarnation...

Warrior’s End

The village mourns as I watch from afar. They carry the warrior’s corpse to the pyre, and lay him to rest for his final journey. Dressed in his armour, his shield and sword rest atop his chest, and his best drinking cup is placed in his cold hand. They light the wood; flames and smoke rise to the heavens and the All-Father.
I smile.
With the smoke I soar, to bear the warrior’s soul upon my shield. Past mortal worlds we fly, past Asgard, and to our ending.
“I am Valkyrie. Open the gates and welcome this warrior to Valhalla!”


City of Light

The stars scattered across the sky as a firmament of celestial grace, a gift from the gods to light the evening’s shadows. So it was believed in the great city, and many a poem spoke of it such.
And this night, a man studied those stars.
A man of reason, chased by unease, searched the heavens for answers to unnatural phenomenon. Even though his own friend scoffed at his worry.
“So the earth trembles of late? It is not uncommon.”
“It is more than that, the sea behaves strangely as well. It portends trouble.”
“Nonsense. We are safe in Atlantis.”



I remember the pain.
Even now, here in my warm fluid cocoon.
I try to erase the memories, I try to think of the beautiful sun, the wind against my wings as I flew, but it always comes back to the pain. The all consuming agony of my death.
If you could even call it such.
Is it a death, if you don’t remain dead?
A thousand times upon a thousand times I have “died.” Is it any wonder I cannot obliterate the memories?
The cycle will continue, no matter my wishes.
The Phoenix will burn
The Phoenix will rise.

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved

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