Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Book Spotlight: The Skinwalker: Resurrection

Today I have another book spotlight, this time for the horror fantasy The Skinwalker: Resurrection by Dedra L. Stevenson. Enjoy!

The Skinwalker: Resurrection by Dedra L. Stevenson

A young woman moves to Window Rock, Arizona to reconnect with the Navajo heritage of her mother, only to have everything go terribly wrong when she finds a book of spells bound in human skin that once belonged to a powerful and legendary Skinwalker.

With the help of her mother’s tribe and a couple of kooky ladies from a Pagan shop, she struggles to fight the dark entity that wishes to take the life that she has left. In this horror fantasy, the struggle between good and evil ensues, and the name of the game is revenge.

Will she be saved?  By love, by tradition?  The battle for her immortal soul may not be won by traditional means, but by something not of this world.

The Skinwalker: Resurrection is available at Amazon

Author Bio: 

Dedra L. Stevenson, a former resident of Greensboro Alabama, has been an Instructor at Zayed University, and is now the Co-Founder of the UAE Chapter of Women in Film and Television,  the Author of The Hakima’s Tale trilogy, Desert Magnolia, The Skinwalker: Resurrection, and Ifreet, and Co-Managing Director at Blue Jinni Media.

Holding two Master’s Degrees, she’s been living in the United Arab Emirates with her husband, Dr. Hussain Maseeh, and her 4 children for the last 26 years. She’s had a successful career and family life, and speaks at various venues throughout the UAE about fostering creativity and writing.

The Hakima’s Tale consists of The Revenge of the Blue Jinni, The Rise of the Warrior, and The Dawn of Redemption, and they are all available via Amazon.com and www.bluejinnimedia.com in a variety of formats. Now, readers can order them as paperbacks, as Ebooks, or as Audio books on www.audible.com The trilogy is about a young Arab American girl who learns that she must defend the human world against the attack of the Jinn army who wish to take over the world and destroy humanity. It’s an epic fantasy fiction tale, and has enjoyed a great deal of popularity in the Middle East.

Desert Magnolia is the story of a woman from the American South who marries an Arab and moves to the United Arab Emirates. The main character, Daniella, has made a good life for herself, but is called back to her small town upon hearing that her father has been murdered and her cousin is accused of the crime, but going back will mean facing many demons of the past. It’s a gripping crime drama that’s been getting great reviews on Amazon thus far.

Her latest novel is a horror novel, and for a PG15 audience due to its graphic content. It’s Ms. Stevenson’s debut horror novel, and she’ll be launching the book as both an Ebook and a paperback by the end of 2016. To read the first 3 chapters for free, go to www.bluejinnimedia.com

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