Sunday, 25 March 2018

#B2BCYCON2018 Preview

I'm posting today with a quick preview of an upcoming event I'm a part of, the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo (B2BCYCON for short). The convention happens in April (from the 6th to the 8th) and basically it is an online showcase for authors of various genres. I'll be doing double duty as a fantasy author and a horror author, and here's what to expect from me.

I will be running my horror activities from this blog, and you will be able to check out my stuff such as the website/blog tour and links to my horror related Cover Wars, the Character Tournament, the Daisy Chain story, my horror Trade Show Booth on Goodreads and the Book Expo. There will also be a video panel discussion that I hosted, Gender Roles in the Horror and Thriller Genres. The book featured in my horror events will be Horror Haiku Pas de Deux, so please come out and have some fun in all the events.


B2BCyCon2018-FantasyI'll be over on my website, Welcome to Avalon,  for my convention fantasy events and activities, including the fantasy genre blog/website tour. As well, I'll be posting the links to my other fantasy activities in the convention, again such as the Cover Wars, the Character Tournament, Panel Discussions, the Daisy Chain story, my Trade Show Booth on Goodreads and the Book Expo links. The book I have featured in the convention is Ghosts of the Sea Moon, so I hope you will come out in April to support it in the voting events (Cover Wars and Character Tournaments) and come watch me be dorky in things like the video panel discussions.

So remember, on the April 6th-8th weekend, the place to be for books is the Brains to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo.


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