Tuesday 25 May 2010

The One Truth (and the six lies)

No this post isn't about the secrets of the universe (I'm saving that for another day), I'm just revealing the answers to my previous post Awards and LiesIn that post I told six lies and one truth and asked my readers to guess which was which.  Now I'm spilling the secret:

My Creative Facts:

I have travelled to at least nine countries.
A lie.  I have only been to two counties, Canada and the United States.

I have never owned a pet.
Another lie.  I have been a pet owner of cats for most of my life.

I am an only child.
Lie.  I am the youngest of the family and have six siblings.

I own replica swords, including the katana from the film, Highlander.
The Truth.  I have an entire collection of replica swords I purchased from Ebay, including a reproduction of the Highlander katana and the Bride's sword from Kill Bill.

My favourite dessert is Deep Dish Apple Pie.
A lie.  I like pie, but my absolute favourite dessert is Black Forest Cake.  You can't get any better than chocolate, cherries and whipped cream.

My least favourite actor is Bruce Campbell.
An enormous lie.  I am a huge fan of Bruce Campell.

I love to watch horror movies.
A lie.  I almost never watch horror movies.  They scare me to death and give me nightmares. 


Unknown said...

Fascinating, about the swords, I mean. How on earth did you obtain those you mention, I wonder. Glad to see I've found another person who finds horror movies give nightmares.

A. F. Stewart said...

I got my swords from Ebay, but there are stores that sell replica weapons and other movie collectables.

Sheila Deeth said...

The swords were true! Wow!

That's a neat idea, to do a follow-up post. Maybe I should do that too.

David Ebright said...

What made you decide to collect swords??? Pretty cool.

Horror movies - eh. Most rely too much on gore for shock value. Can do without that.

Still have to do my own post about the 6 lies & 1 truth - when time allows.

A. F. Stewart said...

I've always had an interest in swords; it stems from my fascination with history. I bought my first sword after visiting a shop here in Nova Scotia and assumed it would be a one time thing. Then I discovered Ebay and all the weapons collectables on the site. Several years and many bids later, I had a collection.

David Ebright said...

I have GOT to go to Nova Scotia.

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