Tuesday 18 May 2010

A Quaint Tale of a Kitty: Review of Catwalk: A Feline Odyssey

Catwalk: A Feline Odyssey by Kathie Freeman is a charming, creative book, just the type of fiction that makes perfect reading for an afternoon. Waves of nostalgia washed over me as I thumbed through the pages, as I was reminded of the books I read when I was younger.

The book is written from the point of view of a cat, a sassy, sweet-tempered girl, who narrates her own story with a delightful voice. Her odyssey begins with her first home, as the pet of a young couple. Conflicts arise and she is soon abandoned by the pair, pregnant and alone, to fend for herself. The rest of the book recounts her adventures as she finds a new place to live, becomes an accidental stowaway, and then has to find her way back home.
“Closer and closer the footsteps came, but still I couldn’t see the searcher. A few feet from our hiding place they stopped”
The book is suitable for most ages and is an enchanting read. The author does an excellent job of capturing the character of a cat and maintaining a believable note of feline authenticity. Scenes and settings are also shaped with a wonderful realistic touch, with rich three-dimensional characters.
“What fun! I pounced on it and somersaulted over, kicking at it mightily with my hind feet.”
The book does sag a bit in the middle, stretching the credibility just a bit, but not enough to detract from the enjoyment. In addition, the ending did leave a few loose endings dangling, which distracted me from the happy conclusion. These are not major problems, simply minor quibbles.
Catwalk is an appealing book and I recommend it happily.

Catwalk: A Feline Odyssey is available at Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I love the premise. Thanks for sharing, Anita. I'm a big cat lover. We have 4 abandoned cats that are very much a part of our family now. AQTOAK is on my list.

A. F. Stewart said...

You'd probably like Catwalk; it is definitely a book for cat lovers.

Sheila Deeth said...

This sounds fun. I'm a dog-lover first, but definitely a cat-lover too.

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