Friday, 28 November 2014

Book Spotlight: The Gertrude Threshold

A sci-fi spotlight today, with the intriguing book, The Gertrude Threshold, front and center.

The Gertrude Threshold by Christopher Brooks

Brandon knows today will be his last. He has been dreading this moment his entire life. Scientists had long ago predicted the year and the day when all living things, everything Brandon has come to know, would go up in flames – the day Earth hit the Gertrude Threshold.

For seventy years, Brandon had aged with the sun. He’d watched it grow bigger and the Warming fry the planet. Science was powerless to stop it. Plants withered. Oceans dried up. Humanity went mad. People sought safety underground. Radiation poisoned the world they left behind above.

Now, Brandon languishes on his deathbed. He looks after his grandson, Ky, and again wonders what survival left him with. Ky’s parents, John and Ellen, wander throughout the underground tunnels. Ellen mourns the loss of everything she and her child will never experience. Desperate to spend his final hours with the man he has grown to love, John abandons his wife and child.

Brandon, his family, and the underground survivors have no future, only the past, and less than 24 hours to reclaim the years the Warming stole while Earth begins to fall apart around them.

The Gertrude Threshold is available at Amazon

Author Bio

Christopher Brooks is the author of The Gertrude Threshold. He was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago.

Christopher graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University. Originally, he set out to study biology and become a doctor. Organic chemistry and a love of writing convinced him to study English-writing instead.

Christopher now works at Edelman, a public relations firm, at its headquarters in Chicago.

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter 

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