Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Drabble Wednesday: Alliteration, Hauntings, and Superheroes

Another Drabble Wednesday dawns, with more short fiction tales. This time I present ghosts, hapless superheroes, and some alliteration...

A Preeminent Presentation

King Pietro of Luckland posted me a plea to perform my prestigious presentation of pirouetting parrots at the palace for Princess Patricia’s private party.  The prior player, Pied Piper’s Parading Poodles, postponed due to pooped puppies.  
So, I pedalled post-haste to the palace to be pushed public.  My parrots plied their pirouettes perfectly, to precious pretty praise from prepubescent party-goers.  We preened properly, proud to proffer prosperity to the princess’s party.
Post party, I pecked at puffy profiteroles and peppered pretzels, plugged into the procession past the princess for a pleasant prattle before parting with the pack for our pad.

Tonight on Haunted Kitchens

The following paranormal account is based on true life events...

Tonight we bring you the story of a home where no liquid is safe from spirits.  One evening a man named Grant (not his real name) walks to his refrigerator looking for a snack, only to find a mysterious puddle.  His tea inexplicably transferred from its jug on the refrigerator shelf to the floor.  Next, his coffee vanished from its pot, never to be seen again.
Is it ghostly phenomenon or somehow explainable?
Tonight on Haunted Kitchens, you decide...

And tomorrow night, the tale of the toaster that pops itself.

Captain Blinky

“Hello, my name is Captain Blinky and I’m a useless superhero.”
As one, the support group chimed, “Hello, Captain Blinky!”
Wanda Wonderful, the group therapist, leaned forward.  “Tell us about your inadequate superpower, Captain Blinky.”
“I turn invisible for a fraction of a second when I blink, as you undoubtedly noticed.  But I can’t maintain the invisibility.  Constant blinking doesn't work.  Nothing works!”  A sob caught in his throat.  “I couldn't even get work as a special effect.  Why can’t I be a regular superhero?”
“There, there, Captain, let it out.  You’re among friends.  We are all useless superheroes here.”

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