Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Halloween Week: The Weeping Lady

Welcome to Halloween Week! This year I'm doing a monster theme, and to kick things off, I'm showcasing a new freebie I have, my short story The Weeping Lady. This is a ghost tale loosely based of the White Lady and La Llorona folklore. It was previously published by Xchyler Publishing as part of the Beyond the Wail: 12 Grave Stories of Love and Loss anthology. So prepare to be haunted...

The Weeping Lady by A. F. Stewart

Eva has mother issues.

And now she has a missing sister.
Rushing home to help with the search, she tumbles into family secrets, local legends, and worst of all, a ghost that haunts the nearby river. What connection does she have to the lingering spirit? Is the ghost really responsible for her sister disappearance? What horrible mystery surrounds the truth about her birth mother?  Can Eva confront her tragic past and save her sister? Or will the ghost finally claim its own?

Download from Prolific Works

Here's a little snippet:

Eva Douglas was headed home.

And she wasn’t happy about it.

As she neared the town limits, Eva manoeuvred her car off the road and parked in the shadow of the forest. Over the purr of the still-running engine, she debated with herself, hesitated, and stared at the outlying reaches of her childhood. Through the early morning sun glinting past the windshield, she could see the edges of Ashford, her quaint, picturesque hometown, that perfect hamlet she thought she left behind. Instinct urged her to flee, to turn around and drive back to university, back to her newfound sanctuary.

If only her sister hadn’t gone missing.

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Thank you for "The Weeping Lady"

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