Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Welcome to the #OctoberFrights Blog Hop 2018!

Welcome all you lovers of the macabre, the supernatural, of horror. It is the time of the dark night when the moon is full and the ghosts roam the graveyard. It is time for...

October Frights!

For the week of October 10-15, I'll have horrific treats for you with book spotlights, stories and my annual Dark Poetry segment. So come sit a spell while I weave an enchantment of cobwebs and inky shadow and pay no attention to those bones in the corner...

First up, I have a book spotlight for my own book, the latest addition to my Saga of the Outer Islands seires, Souls of the Dark Sea.

Souls of the Dark Sea 

From the depths, darkness is rising…

Something ancient and powerful stirs beneath the sea of the Outer Islands. A creature strong enough to challenge Captain Rafe Morrow, God of Souls, for control of the dead and the survival of the living.
Still reeling from the aftermath of his battle with the Goddess of the Moon, Rafe and the crew of the Celestial Jewel find a mysterious shipwreck and strange tales of bones. Tasked by a new ally to find answers, Rafe stumbles on long-buried secrets shrouded in the shadows of the Nightmare Crow.
Now armies of the dead ascend from the ocean. And their master is not far behind.

Set sail on a new adventure with ghosts, gods and sea monsters!

And it's 99 cents until Halloween!

An Excerpt

The hours ticked by and an unsettled day flowed into night, with the crew of the Jewel and the people of the town settling into slumber. Over Abersythe, the starlit clouds swirled, and the wind blew past the harbourmaster, past the Celestial Jewel wafting far out to sea. The dark waves gently rolled with the shadows bereft of moon while, below the surface, the sea creatures slept to the soft strains of a mother’s lullaby.

All seemed serene, yet something in the shadows stirred. Someone emerged from an in-between place, from the blackness of a veiled sanctuary. She swept from the folds of the gloom to a corner of a reef, against the silhouette of the Coral Rose shipwreck.

The ruined boat dwarfed her presence, its shade making her uneasy. Its empty shell somehow felt haunted even though it remained bereft of souls. She wondered at the queasy chill in her blood, in her night’s shadows even as she repressed the guilt tickling at the back of her mind.

I did this. Her conscience whispered, a persistent itch she tried to deny. But how could I know? And everything has a price. And what do mortal lives matter to me?

She turned her gaze away from the ship, staring at the sea. She gathered the night around her like a cloak, reflexively trying to hide. Above her head, she heard the beat of wings and the caw of a crow. The bird swooped down out of the sky and landed at her feet.

She stepped back, startled, and snapped at the creature. “Why did you want to meet here? Of all places?”

The Nightmare Crow cackled. “Why, Bevire, so testy you are. Are we having regrets so soon?”

The Souls of the Dark Sea Blog Tour Giveaway

And we also have an October Frights giveaway!

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Debbie Christiana said...

Great excerpt, Anita! Sounds like a wonderful read.

A. F. Stewart said...


Winnie Jean Howard said...

Feelin' the chill! Loved the excerpt!

A. F. Stewart said...

Thank you.

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