Sunday, 14 October 2018

#OctoberFrights Day Five: Dark Poetry Corner

And now dear readers, we come to the day of poetic reckoning, the day when the raven flies on dark wings and brings verse most disturbing and wicked...

Welcome to my Dark Poetry Corner

The Red Queens

Rivers flow in crimson streams
with blood a thousand-fold
and tears of the blackened damned
Seared demon mists
roil from the wormy earth
blown on brimstone winds

Can you hear them call?
Can you hear them laugh?
The Red Queens walk tonight

Spirits claw from beneath their graves,
born again with baneful verve
from cracking bones and rancid flesh
And while they howl their spite
toward this forlorn night,
they scurry to heed the summons

Can you hear them call?
Can you hear them shriek?
The Red Queens walk tonight

The Red Queens stalk the night


Fifty Fathoms Deep

Stygian squelch and salty brine
where the carrion fall to slumber
Inky black and a wet drowned hell
with the monsters coloured umber
It’s where I live
Fifty fathoms deep

The raven grave and eternal abyss
for ships that sunk from battle
flesh picked clean and washed away
Nothing left but a dead bone rattle
It’s where I live
Fifty fathoms deep

It’s submerged tears of last regrets
in the face of your abandoned faith
Whispers and screams come empty
in the home of the devil’s wraith
It’s where I died,
and rose again
Fifty fathoms deep


Shadow’s Breath

One breath

quantum shadow of your life

One breath

held shallow inside the night

One breath

clutching back your last scream

One breath

scratching against your neck

One breath is all you have left


Hellfire Moon

Upon the dead man’s hour
cradled by the graveyard wind,
sulphurous and dank,
the Hellfire Moon unfurls
Crimson glare, cast down
over shrivelled trees
dripping charcoal ichor,
as blasphemous tongues
spew virgin blood and lies
Along the shadow’s path
creep the legged beasts
their barbs so sharp and ready
The Hellfire Moon commands
their minds, their thoughts
they will bring you to your doom


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Debbie Christiana said...

Chilling - especially Hellfire Moon.

A. F. Stewart said...


Winnie Jean Howard said...

Absolutely love your chilling poetry!

A. F. Stewart said...

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

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