Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Review of The Scent of His Feathers

I have a review for you today, a book of poetry from the talented author, Ash Krafton...

My Review of The Scent of His Feathers

The thread of relationship, human connection, winds its way through this book creating a marvellous tapestry of broken hearts, searching souls, yearning spirits, lost hope, and hesitant faith. The thread coils its way through fascinating paths, intersecting darkness and death, connecting fantasy and reality, until it makes its way past starlight musings into universal truth.
The poems in this book are both profound and personal, objective and reflective. They play with words and dance along the edges of the shadows. I delighted in the expressive imagery conjured and emotional infusion contained with the penned lines (some of my personal favourites were Hush, Six Words For Edgar, Gaslight Fancies, Passage, Natural Deception, Note To Self:, and Oubliette). The Scent of His Feathers is superb, and I highly recommend this volume of poetry.

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