Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Drabble Wednesday: Crypts and Bones

Today on Drabble Wednesday we visit the realm of Death…

Past the Moonlit Arch

Two figures, black hooded cloaks dark as spilled ink, stand guard on opposite sides of the arch. Aria stares through the opening , at the sterling pearl of a moon in the raven shadowed sky.
“Will it hurt?” she whispers to her guardian and escort.
“Only for a moment, and then you will be free.”
Her steps are hesitant, but steady, as she walks down the path to her fate, through the archway, past the stone, to halt under the moonlight.
She inhales, a brief, delicate sound, her last act before the horned beast rips out her heart and feasts.

Always a Bride

She stroked the faded ivory silk, the lace yellowed with age. The edges had tattered, and the pink ribbon fastened around her waist, but it was still her wedding dress. She remembered that day, her marriage. She had been happy.
If she only knew. That her precious joy would turn to ash when her husband imprisoned her in his family crypt. Each day she believed she would die, but as the years rotted away her flesh, she remained. A haunted skeleton living in her tomb.
A noise made her turn her skull, her neck bones creaking. Her husband was visiting.

Three Stones

Molly wiped away her tears, afraid her mind finally snapped from grief. She stared at three gravestones under a forest tree. Graves that appeared out of nowhere.
Come closer, Molly.
Molly jumped back. She knew those voices.
Come closer, Molly.
“Mama? Daddy?”
Heart soaring, not caring if she was insane, she raced forward to the graves, lured by the sound of the impossible. Molly gasped. Three names were inscribed on the stones.
“Richard. Janet. My parents.” She trembled. “And Molly? What does it mean?”
That we saved a place for you.
Molly screamed as the earth opened and swallowed her.

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