Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Drabble Wednesday: Bring the Magic

Today on Drabble Wednesday the magic wands are waving and the spells are being cast. So come in, check out the wonders, and don’t forget to duck occasionally to avoid being turned into a toad...

Time Slips Away

The gnarled hand of a old woman knocked thrice on the aged wood of the door. The same hand then brushed a stray hair from her face as she waited. No answer.
She again knocked, three further thumps with no more answer than before. She sighed, and lifted the latch.
The hinges creaked and the oaken entry swung open, rasping its displeasure. As the elderly mage walked through the gateway, arcane mist puffed from the inky recesses of the realm beyond, swirling around her feet. An old man, another mage, looked up from his work.
“It’s lunchtime you old fool!”

Talking with Fish

Stupid nosy neighbour!  A pox on him and his dumb cell phone!  A person can’t leave their kitchen curtains open these days!
He showed me the video yesterday.  Clear as day, I’m there chatting with Percy, my sentient fish familiar, while using my magic pendant. I tried to laugh it off, but conjuring a shower of gold from thin air is hard to explain.
The weasel threatened to sell the video to the tabloids if I don’t cut him in on the wealth.  I may have to pay him off, unless I can get him to drink this poisoned tonic.

Jack and the Jellybean

Once Upon a Time… a young man named Jack found a magic jellybean. A splendid thing, pink and glowing, that sang of wonders beyond the Great Realm. Of adventures, giants, and gold riches, waiting for a daring soul to come and claim them.
“Throw me into the Lake of Mystics,” it said, “to find the doorway to your dreams.”
So Jack travelled onward and tossed the jellybean into the lake, transforming its surface into a forbidding, black, screaming maw, a gate to another world.
He trembled in fear, but if you think that stopped him…
Then you don’t know Jack.

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