Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Drabble Wednesday: April Fooling

This week Drabble Wednesday falls on April Fool’s Day, so of course today is a celebration of fools…

Today is also the start of National Poetry Month, so I’ll begin with a short acrostic poem:

The Fool

Jokester, trickster, crawling inside my skin
Eager to escape, to spread a bit of sin
Slathered perpetual, my impish fresco grin
Tread the spotlight, innuendo jokes wearing thin?
Ever no, welcome that eternal audience chagrin
Rousing iniquity served with a prankster spin


Behind the Mask

“Bring me the jester! He has poisoned the king!” There’s an agitated edge in my voice, but I cannot help it. The body of my husband lies at my feet, and the spilled goblet of poisoned wine stains the marble floor. Guards scurry from the throne room as the apothecary covers the king with a shroud. They soon return, but produce no jester.
“We did not find him, your Highness. Only this.” The man hands me a mask. I stare at the painted grin with relief. He escaped. I thought for certain the fool had botched things changing the plan.

And here’s one from my drabble vault:

The Lot of a Fool

“Forsooth, I will go, and bring this cheddar and wine,” I reply with a smile, accepting the tray from the cook. But verily my grin vanishes as soon as I follow the servants from the kitchen heading to the dining hall.
Oh, twaddle and bother. Now I must play the fool again for my lord at the supper, and no doubt have grease or wine stains upon my purple velvet pantaloons come day’s end. Leastwise I shall endure the horrid sight of him devouring a leg of pork to its rind.
Why didn’t I heed Mother, and become a scribe?

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