Wednesday, 8 April 2015

National Poetry Month Day 8: Awkward #NaPoWriMo

Today, for National Poetry Month, I have two poems. One for Day 8 and one for Day 7. Yesterday's poem was originally posted on Facebook, as the blog was preempted by the release of my new poetry book, Colours of Poetry. However, I thought my blog readers might like it so today it's a two for one deal. Oh, and I have the names of the winners of the Colours of Poetry Rafflecopter giveaway. Enjoy.


To dance with eloquence…
Sigh. I have two left feet

She stands across the floor
But I have two left feet

To twirl her in my arms
Sadly, I have two left feet

Would we tango, do a dip?
Alas, I have two left feet

Should I try? Should I ask?
I’m afraid. I have two left feet

To dance with eloquence
The impossible dream
I have two left feet

© All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart


Dallying Outside the Box

Outside the looming, proverbial box
Against the sprint of ticking clocks
I dally, dally, and the whole world gawks
Perhaps it’s me, or my mismatched socks
I’m outside, outside, always peering in
Staring at you with my lopsided grin

I open my mouth; I have something to say
“Love the clouds, and their shade of grey”
I shimmy, I shimmy, shattering feet of clay
Is it time to prance, my hour of play?
I’m trapped in a box, a box, cried the mime
A mimicry set to the tower bell chime

Outside I stand, beyond your crate
No act for me, with a balancing plate
I dilly, I dally, my whole life’s a fete
And no jackets for me, not crooked or strait
I’m beyond, beyond, just out of reach
Always grinning at you, ain't I a peach?

© All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart


And now for the giveaway winners

The three winners are:

Veronica Hosking
Henry Brabyn
Sheila Deeth

I'm emailed each winner about their prize of a free ecopy of Colours of Poetry.
Congratulations to all!

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