Saturday, 24 October 2015

Book Spotlight: Legacy by Michelle E. Lowe

Today I have a book spotlight for you on the fantasy novel, Legacy by Michelle E. Lowe. Enjoy.

Legacy (Volume One) by Michelle E. Lowe

Indigo Peachtree has spent most of his life making toys for children. This kindly old toy-maker, however, has carried with him a secret he wishes to remain unknown. Yet as with most secrets they tend to come up to the surface over time. Tarquin Norwich, a ruthless lord, has come to learn about a journal containing everything Indigo desperately wants to protect. When the toy-maker goes underground, Tarquin seeks help from a witch, Mother of Craft, to go about finding other ways to obtain what he desires.
Mother of Craft tells him that in order to find Indigo, and his journal, he will need two outlaw brothers.
He sends his children, Archie and Clover Norwich, across the English Channel to snare the infamous outlaw, Pierce Landcross who knows the whereabouts of the journal.
Tarquin and his eldest son, Ivor, capture Pierce’s estranged brother, Joaquin Landcross, to find the missing toy-maker.
As Pierce is being pulled back to England, his dire situation flips completely around when he’s saved by a crew of Apache privateers known as the legendary Sea Warriors.
Instead of fleeing with his seabound mates, Pierce decides to return to England, taking Archie and Clover with him, to try and save his old friend, Indigo. Going back means Pierce will encounter old dangers as well as face a part of his past he would much rather leave behind.

Legacy is available at:

Here's a short excerpt from the book:

Pierce Landcross awakened in his hotel room after a day’s sleep. He had arrived just the evening before, tired and hungry. After eating at the downstairs restaurant and pub, he’d gone to his room and fallen asleep the moment he fell onto the mattress. He had stayed in the same position upon his belly until his body fully restored its restfulness. With a groan and deep yawn, Pierce rose out of bed, stretched, and went over to the washbasin. After cleaning his face and the rest of the sleep away, he looked at himself in the mirror. The room glowed with the afternoon light, giving him a clear view of the scar.
It was his daily reminder of betrayal and heartbreak. Every detail of that horrible night played out in significant fragments; the punch that brought him down, the knife, the look on the cutter’s face, the abandonment. Every time he touched the scar, he could almost feel the dull, yet jagged blade tearing across his skin.

Author Bio:

Michelle E. Lowe is the author of The Warning, Atlantic Pyramid, Cherished Thief, the action adventure/fantasy novel with the elements of steampunk, titled Legacy. Children’s books, Poe’s Haunted House Tour, and the three part adventure children’s series, The Hex Hunt. She is also a mother, wife, and painter. Her works in progress are the continuations for Legacy. Currently, she lives in Lake Forest, California.

You can find out more about Michelle and her books at her website: 

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