Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Drabble Wednesday: Halloween Week

Today on this special Halloween Week edition of Drabble Wednesday, we go in search of the undead

Zombie Confessions

The graveyard smelled of leaf mold and rot.
Or perhaps it was just me. Half my nose fell off yesterday, so my sniffer may not be working correctly. Plus, after two weeks of wandering around as a decaying corpse, my body exuded a ripe stench.
Not that anybody in the cemetery cared; every zombie here smelled terrible. Just something you adjusted to as one of the undead. That, and the boredom. All day, every day, craving brains. Flowers, clouds, people (especially people) it all reminded me of brains.
What I wouldn’t give for a juicy hamburger…
…made of brains.


A silent heartbeat, lost among the thumping rhythm of the living.
My stilled heart, unnoticed, my taken life, forgotten.
Life wanders past me, never discerning my presence.
I hear them. Those racing heartbeats, their adrenaline surging, the terrors of the night stabbing at those that surround me. They laugh, to chase away the fear. They glance over their shoulder, shiver, try to pretend it’s their imagination. Do they know something is watching them? I think they do.
Yet, they never see me.
I am invisible.
I am Vampire.
You will never see me coming…
…until you die in my arms.



It won’t take long.
I’ll be with my family again.
I missed them, all those months away, when I was lost. Something happened to me, something I couldn’t deal with, and I ran. Left my family behind. For their protection, I told myself. My husband, my son, they didn’t have to be part of my madness. For a while I pretended to be happy.
Then I came home. I found my family.
I should feel bad. For biting them, killing them.
For making them zombies, like me.
But I don’t feel bad.
I don’t want to be alone anymore.

© A. F. Stewart 2015 All Rights Reserved

And so ends today's Halloween fun.
Tomorrow I have some more horror fiction for your reading pleasure.

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