Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Week: Step Into The Woods

Happy Halloween!

For this day of scare fests, we travel the forest path, far into the darkness…

Calling You

A single voice.
A sweetling voice.
A treble tone, and sing-song notes, of joy and giggling.
A voice to dance among the treetops and sing among the posies. A voice that calls, Come hither, come hither. It’s a beautiful day. It beckons and you will follow.
You will follow it off the safest path, and within the darkest woods. You will follow past the perfume scents and through the sharpest thorns. You will follow though the sun has set and the night is always met. You will chase the voice around the trees, and see them all appear. Their yellow eyes, their sharpened teeth, their fetid whispers in your ear.
And then the voice, that sweetling voice, that voice will call your name.
It will sing your song, your final song, and then your life will end
With a screaming voice.
Your single voice.

Buried Bones

I miss the warmth of the sunlight.
It is too cold and dark buried here beneath the earth.
I miss the sounds of laughter, of my sweet children’s voices.
Interred deep, I hear nothing save the scrabbling of mice and insects.
I miss the moon, I miss the stars, but not the night.
Without eyes, I live in darkness.
I miss the smell of perfume on my skin. I miss my skin.
Would that I could turn back time.
Would that I could live again.
But I am nothing but murdered bones.
Trapped and forgotten under the forest soil.

© A. F. Stewart 2015 All Rights Reserved

Thank you for joining me in this week long celebration of Halloween fun.
Have a great and scary day!

And remember, as a Halloween treat, you still have until midnight October 31st
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