Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween Week: Darkling Poems

Today we wax poetic, shaded in black…

First up a terrifying trio of my poems:

Shadow Vows

I walk in deathly footsteps,
through the cold, long halls
A ring of gold, upon my finger,
and secrets upon my heart
I can hear her whisper,
Turn your eyes away

Eclipsing wisps of grey
haunt those empty corridors
A veil of white, follows me
and my strangling ring of gold
I can hear her whisper,
Turn your eyes away

Darkness harrows my nights
echoing down barren hallways
Tainted vows consume me
sealed with my wicked ring of gold
I can hear her whisper,
Turn your eyes away

© A. F. Stewart 2015 All Rights Reserved

Into the Arms of Death

Sing that softest lullaby,
those strains of mourning dirge
that fare thee well goodbye
Sing that softest lullaby
Saddened notes, a broken sigh
and gentle tears you purge
Sing that softest lullaby,
those strains of mourning dirge

© A. F. Stewart 2015 All Rights Reserved

A Night in the Cemetery

A quiet evening and a soft wind, where the wisps of dried leaves and dust waft gently. A full moon cracks the darkness that settled like soot on cobblestones. The graveyard silence drapes in beauty and gloom…

Cold, pallid—lost soul
waxen moonlight flickers across
bones rising from graves

From Colours of Poetry
© A. F. Stewart 2015 All Rights Reserved

And here are some macabre selections from my guest poet, the talented Sean Theall.

"Whispers from Below"

Please my dear, you mustn’t scream.
You must lie still to conserve air...
stay calm. Don't let the darkness
envelope you, befriend shadows
and twilight sounds. It's how
the other half lives deep within
the ground.

If you can relax and hold your
breath keeping the nerves at
bay and overcoming death.

Talking back to an owls call
for company. Your heart thumping
and pumping in time. The container’s
walls that you are encased in are
closing in. Slowly losing your grip
on reality and losing your mind.

Hearing muffled speech through
the slats of wood. Listening very
close to get some clue on how
to possibly escape, and bring
back the color in your face
before it's too late.

Please be a good little
victim close your eyes
and breathe out a quiet
exhale, let the serum take
effect and let your dreams
carry you to hell.

Sean C. Theall © 2015

"Babies Breath"

Jack and Lily are not two
of kind but are connected
by love and family and
of one mind.

These little ones are
inseparable. Their fate
locked within a dream
Terrible, insane. running
around for a day of play.
Chasing each other through
their home. Making their
way to the bathroom,
standing by the sink
playing in the water.

I watch from a distance.
quickly glancing into the
mirror, a sticker with the
word "scream" appears.
in the blink of an eye,
an ear piercing shriek
comes from the bathroom.
Dashing in, the next sight
is a full bathtub with tikes
wrapped up in a shower

Early lives dashed
innocent mistake,
stealing babies breath.
Innocent looks preserved
exhaling to the final act,
and the final act is... death.

© Sean C. Theall 2012

"Please Tale Spinner"

I have a request my dear.
Tell me something beautiful
and shocking as I get comfortable
anxiously waiting to hear.

Work your magic with the
typewriter or computer
keys. I am really picky but
I am confident you have
the skills to please.

How will you construct
my newest nightmare?
Hold my hand, please
cher, as I slowly slip

Please go let me go
If I must; ok but let
my spirit stay.

To comfort and encourage
you to slash and hack through
the story. I do have a question,
"Do I want my body back?"

I do enjoy the quiet fireside
chats we have discussing story
and poetry structures, and our
characters' fates. Finish your yarn
before the midnight chime
rings. Before it's too late.

You are one of the best at
what you do. You have all
that you need. A nightmare
mind, paper, imagination
and the willingness to

Sean C. Theall © 2015

And so ends today's Halloween fun.
Tomorrow I have a spotlight for the book, Everlasting: Da Eb'Bulastin

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